An SQL-to-MapReduce Translator



YSmart is a correlation aware SQL-to-MapReduce translator, which is built on top of the Hadoop platform. For a given SQL query and related table schemas, YSmart can automatically translate the query into a series of Hadoop MapReduce programs written in Java. Compared to other SQL-to-MapReduce translators, YSmart has been proved to have the following advantages:

YSmart is an independent open source project with the Apache 2.0 license. It is also developed for the purpose to create a teaching and learning tool for executing queries on top of Hadoop. Currently YSmart only supports a subset features of select queries in SQL. It is still under continuous development. If you have any question or suggestion, please email the authors at yuanyu@cse.ohio-state.edu.

YSmart has been merged into Apache Hive.



Get Started

To start using YSmart, you can try the YSmart Online Version or download and install YSmart on your own computer.

YSmart is very easy to configure. You can use YSmart if you have a Linux system with Python installed.

After Step2, a directory named "result" will be created which contains:

A detailed usage of YSmart is described here.

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